Member Story Highlights

ACA Connects Members work hard at providing affordable broadband, phone and video services to their customers.  We know this because our staff regularly communicates with Members by email, phone, social media, and other efforts.  At ACA Connects, we want to help highlight our Members good news when they reached a goal or milestone, accomplished something special in our industry, and made things better for your customers and communities.  We watch each day as you post your achievements on social media, and we want to encourage you to tag us (@acaconnects) so that we can help amplify your story to colleagues, policymakers, our industry, and the world!

Maybe your story deserves more than a social media post?  ACA Connects would like to help magnify your great news, whether it be a story in our Media Sweep, an ACA Blog entry, an interview conducted by an ACAC staff member, a custom video created by ACA Connects’ Digital Media Specialist, or a different channel.  How can we help you highlight your story?  Fill out the form below so that we can review your story and determine how we can best help.

Member Story Form

You may contact Nathan Penrod, ACA Connects Digital Media Specialist, at with any questions.

(ACA Connects will use its best efforts to include all Members’ Stories submitted, and all editorial decisions are ACA Connects’.)