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ACA Connects, America’s Communications Association (ACA Connects or ACAC), is a non-profit trade group representing the interests of independent communication companies. Thank you for your interest in becoming an ACAC Associate Member!

By joining ACA Connects, your company will support the continued viability of independent communications companies and gain access to exclusive Associate Member benefits shown below. Membership period is January through December.

For information on becoming an Associate Member, please contact Stacey Leech at



Please note that this is a list of potential opportunities; this list is subject to change. In-person event sponsorships are not guaranteed and will only be sold only when the event is confirmed. If we are unable to hold an in-person event, it may be replaced with a virtual event. Additional opportunities may be added throughout the year. Additional opportunities may be available upon request.

2nd Quarter Board Leaders Fly-In - $6,500 Join us in May for a special event with our ACAC board members and their company CEOs. Your company can be on a short list of vendors who will be in attendance for our first fly-in since 2019. Board members and CEOs from their companies will be traveling to DC for our 2nd quarter board meeting, Congressional sessions/meetings and dinner events. Attendees will arrive on Monday in time for a dinner event that evening. Our 2nd quarter board meeting will be held on Tuesday. (Sponsors are welcome to join the board for breakfast and lunch the day of the meeting.) Another dinner event will be held on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, attendees (including vendors) will participate in sessions/meetings with Members of Congress. Additionally, vendors can submit a one-page sheet that will be included in board documents. This sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to spend some time networking (in-person!) with the ACAC board member companies! Only one company representative per sponsoring vendor. Travel expenses are not included. Available to Gold level members, only.

4th Quarter Board Retreat - $6,500 Be one of 5 sponsoring companies who join our board, staff and counsel for the two days at our annual board retreat/golf outing. One representative can attend from your company and join our board for golf and evening dinners. Sponsor can also submit a one-page sheet for inclusion in board documents. Travel expenses are not included. Available to Gold level members, only.

3rd Quarter In-Person Board Meeting - $6,000 Communicate your message to an audience of key decision makers from 19 leading independent operators! Your sponsorship includes one company rep to join the board for either breakfast or lunch, followed by a 15-minute presentation. Only one person from sponsoring company may attend. Company MUST HAVE existing relationship (in good standing) with NCTC and be included on the invite list prior to securing sponsorship. Registration to participate in The Independent Show is NOT included with this sponsorship. Travel expenses are not included. Available to Gold level members (who are on the invitation list to TIS), only.

1st Quarter Virtual Board Meeting - $3,500 Be the exclusive sponsor of our 1st quarter board meeting of ACAC directors! Sponsor can submit a 90-second video and will be permitted to join the beginning of the call to offer a short (1 minute max) welcome to board, staff, counsel and guests. Sponsor logo will be added to attendee dashboard for the duration of the event. Additionally, sponsor can submit a one-page sheet for inclusion in board documents. Available to Gold level members, only.

Vendor Solutions Webinar/Legal Webinar - $3,500 Participate in a joint webinar with ACA Connects! One-on-one interview format with ACAC staffer -- topic to be determined by sponsor and approved by ACAC. We will promote via two emails (in HTML format provided by Associate Member) and host the webinar on our platform. Sponsor will receive email addresses for registered attendees of webinar. Opportunity limited to one webinar per month. Vendor can only sponsor one custom webinar per year. Available to Silver and Gold level members, only.

Monthly Webinar - $1,500 Sponsor one of ACAC’s existing monthly webinars! Your logo with contact info will be included on the attendee dashboard for the duration of the webinar. Sponsor can submit content for slide in presentation (with link to URL of their choice). Available to Silver and Gold level members, only.

Action Brief - $1,500 Sponsor logo will be added to the masthead of the brief and sponsor can submit a banner (with link to URL of your choice) for placement within the brief. Distributed to over 2,200 industry professionals. Available to Silver and Gold level members, only.

Media Sweep banner - $1,000/wk (top banner - 1 max); $500/wk (middle banner - 2 max) Have your company’s banner (with link to URL of your choice) in ACAC’s most widely distributed publication! Received by nearly 10k industry colleagues, your banner is sure to make an impact! Available to Silver and Gold level members, only.

Sponsored Retweet - $500 Want to give a boost to a post on Twitter? Have ACAC retweet it for you! Our 3,600 Twitter followers will be sure to take notice! Available to Silver and Gold level members, only.

If you are interested in any of the above sponsorship opportunities, and have enrolled in the Associate Membership Program, please email Stacey Leech at In your email, please include which sponsorship opportunities you are interested in securing.