Welcome to ACA Connects’ newest video series. It’s called ACACommunities, and it will spotlight the many achievements of individual ACA Connects Members across the United States.

It will take a close look at their operations, their success stories in the field, and how they have become an essential part of their communities as they continue to deploy broadband facilities to homes, businesses and anchor institutions.

The series will underscore the importance of letting ACAC Members explain local market challenges in their own voice, allowing them to connect with regulators and lawmakers in a personal and authentic way. This important series will also demonstrate the need for high-performance broadband networks to reach as many American communities as possible. ACAC Members can count on ACAC staff to use social media like Twitter and Facebook and other communications tools to amplify all the great things they are doing to improve life in rural America.

Please reach out to ACAC EVP & COO John Higginbotham ( or ACAC Digital Media Specialist Nathan Penrod ( if you would like ACAC to consider highlighting your company on the ACAC website.