May 10, 2022

Preparing for a Leadership Change

Building On A Firm Foundation

Hey y’all! Patty Boyers here, your ACA Connects Chairman! Way back in 1993 at the Kansas City Airport Hilton the Small Cable Business Association was born! I was a member then and 29 years later I’m still a member in what is now known as ACA Connects! I believe in what we started then, and I believe it now more than ever. Because of our legacy and our firm foundation, I believe the future is bright for ACA Connects as we transition from one leader to another in the months ahead!

When our one and only president and CEO of the past 25 years, Matt Polka, came to see me last October to tell me he was planning to retire at the end of July 2022, I was truly sad because Matt has been at the helm of this organization since literally DAY ONE. But I was not discouraged for our association and its future. Matt knows as well as anyone that this organization isn’t a person but rather a commitment to our Members based upon FIRM Foundations we established throughout the years, setting us apart for success in Washington, D.C. and in our industry.

Also, from DAY ONE, we have been committed to putting our Members first in ALL THINGS! We serve you every day with CHARACTER, CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY and with TRUTH. We are, and have always been, willing to work with all sides who want to GET THE JOB DONE solving the issues before us! And this SHALL NEVER CHANGE! Frankly, I think Washington can learn a thing or two by following OUR example of WORKING TOGETHER regardless of who is in charge and REMEMBERING that, when we have to, we can disagree WITHOUT being disagreeable. Finally, we speak our minds INDEPENDENTLY, making sure YOUR voice is heard above them all…and for anyone who knows me, they know that I speak INDEPENDENTLY!

As I have led our Board’s search for a new leader to succeed Matt, I have enormous confidence in our FUTURE because of the firm foundations we have laid before! I speak more about these foundations and our FUTURE in the recent interview I did with our ACAC EVP and COO John Higginbotham, which y’all can find here.

Now here’s one more thing that I can guarantee you – the sky is the absolute limit for ACA Connects! We’ve come a hell of a long way, and we’ve got a hell of a way to go, but there is no tellin’ what we will accomplish TOGETHER!! Onward & Upward!!!

Have a good day, Y’all!

Patricia Jo Boyers
ACA Connects, Chairman
BOYCOM Vision, President & Co-Founder