June 17, 2022

Website Features and Quick Tips

On June 13, 2022, ACA Connects unveiled its updated website (Read Press Release). Our website has served, and will continue to serve, as a great resource where Members can find important content such as Member Advisories, On-Demand Webinars, Press Releases, Filings, Upcoming Events, and so much more. To help familiarize yourself with the structure and features of the updated website, we have highlighted five features that we think our Members will enjoy. Each feature is accompanied by a video with details, visuals, and quick tips so make sure to check them out!

Feature #1 – The Members’ Lounge

The Members’ Lounge will continue to be an exclusive, Operator Members-Only section of our website. It is where we set aside curated content and updates available to you as part of your ACA Connects Membership. The new website also brings an enhanced user experience with easier navigation of the most pertinent information for our Members. Your current username and password will still allow you to gain access to this specialized content.

Feature #2 – A Better Homepage

Our redesigned homepage now provides the most important and timely information that ACAC Member companies need to know. This information includes our Just Filed video series, recent Filings, upcoming events, recent Member Advisories, popular clearinghouse pages, the Weekly Member Update video, recent press releases, and more! Make sure you are logged in to the Members’ Lounge when viewing the home page in order to access all of the content available to Operator Members.

Feature #3 – A Better Menu

When developing the new website, organization was a priority. Our new menu is much more extensive and flexible, allowing us to provide information to our Members in a more organized fashion. To align with the important content we already provide to our ACAC Members, we added new menu options including Advocacy, Education, and Closing the Gaps.

Searching content on our new website has never been easier! Not only does the improved search function provide better results, it now is able to filter content by type and topic further allowing you to narrow search results.

Feature #5 – A Better Mobile Experience

Members using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop to access the new website will have a more seamless user experience. So, the next time you see an email on your mobile device from ACA Connects, such as a Member Advisory from VP of Regulatory Affairs Brian Hurley or Mike Jacobs, don’t hesitate to click on the “Continue Reading” button to view the full advisory. Regardless of what device you are using, it’s recommended to have your username and password available so that you can quickly log in and access important content!

Have a question about the website?

Email ACAC Digital Media Specialist Nathan Penrod at [email protected]