March 20, 2024

What We Know So Far About the FCC’s Bulk Billing Proposal 

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel recently issued a press release announcing a proposal to ban bulk billing arrangements for broadband, cable, and satellite service providers in multi-tenant environments, such as apartments, condos, public housing, and other housing units. 

Q: The headline of the press release suggests that the proposed ban would “lower costs in apartment buildings.” Would it? 

A: Not according to the FCC’s own analysis under previous Democratic leadership. 

From the Commission’s 2010 Bulk Billing Order, emphasis added: “The record before us shows that bulk billing arrangements predominantly benefit consumers, through reduced rates and operational efficiencies, and by enhancing deployment of broadband. 

Read more from the FCC about how bulk billing typically offers a “significant discount from the retail rate, and does not limit consumer choices. 

We have more to learn about the FCC’s new rulemaking on bulk billing—and why the agency appears to be changing its tune. Rest assured, ACA Connects is continuing to track this issue and advocate for affordable and reliable connectivity for customers everywhere.  

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