September 20, 2021

Yes, We’re Still Not Back to Normal. Darn.

Yes, We’re Still Not Back to Normal. Darn.

By Crystal Kemp
Chief Marketing Officer
Conway Corp., an ACA Connects Member

I sent out my first message like this, to my industry marketing friends, in September 2020. Yes, one year ago.

Last week, after I got off my one-millionth zoom call (maybe an exaggeration, but maybe not), I laid my head down on my desk and spoke to the empty office, “Ugh, I’m exhausted. Can we be done with this already?”

When I last wrote to you, I believed we were coming out on the other side of the pandemic and we would be back to in-person conferences, etc., in the very near future. I made plans for the Mid-America Cable Show and the Independent Show – both have recently moved to virtual.

In that first note, last year I gave a quote from Brené Brown about the messy middle. “… Most of the time when we’re in complete darkness, we wave our arms around to reach out and grab someone who can walk with us, to get our bearings, to give us perspective, to hold on to. I think it’s that time. The middle is messy, but it’s also where the magic happens. If we believe in ourselves, if we reach out together, and if we lean into a little bit of that grace that says, “We can get through this.”

Brené Brown, who is an American professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host, took the summer off to write her new book, but she was back in my ear last night with her Dare to Lead Podcast discussing Pandemic Flux Syndrome with Amy Cuddy.

Amy, an American social psychologist, author and speaker, has a 2012 TED talk on body language with 62 million views:

And last month she wrote an article for the Washington Post, where she talks about the flux we are in and how we are coping with the fact that we will likely not have a victory day where it comes to the pandemic.

I mean, wow! I was talking back to her with my, “Yes! I thought we were going to be done and then we weren’t.”

She talks about the fact that our nervous systems are depleted. We are not designed to stay at surge capacity.

The article says: “Surge capacity is a collection of adaptive systems — mental and physical — that humans draw on for short-term survival in acutely stressful situations.” But such a response can keep us going for only so long. Eventually, we deplete our surge capacity and need a break so that it can recharge. It looked like many of us were about to get that break; then the moment vanished.”

I thought it was a really good discussion so I wanted to share it with all of you. Because just like last September, I’m thinking of you and looking forward to the time when we can all gather together again. Until then, there are just days that it is good for us to remember we are not alone and to be reminded to take some time to recharge.

  • Podcast Link: (She begins discussing the article at around 27 minutes – the first part is getting to know her and her background)
  • Article Link:

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