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Transitioning to IP Video: Strategies for Success

Thursday, July 29th | 2:00 p.m. ET

Rethinking those plans to deemphasize video? Coming to realize that while Broadband remains very profitable and essential, it’s largely invisible, delivering no meaningful branding or customer touchpoint opportunities (unless it breaks down)? Video, on the other hand, not only gives an Operator’s broadband service a public “face”, but it plays a critical role in delivering sustained economic value. It’s been shown that broadband subscriber counts and revenues grow faster and churn less when combined with a video service. And, while video delivers ongoing, daily engagement with customers, its economic impact is even further strengthened by a successful transition to IP video.

In this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate successful strategies for an operator’s transition to IP video, covering not only key success factors such as technological features and benefits—adequate broadband access bandwidth, feature-rich mobile and STB apps, OTT apps and global search integration without the need for a business relationship with OTT providers, and cloud vs. local implementations—but also key business success factors including how to protect and grow ad-insertion revenue, avoiding major increases in core bandwidth costs, and the importance of financial stability of a partner in mitigating Operator business risk and maximizing ROI.