2019 ACAC Action Brief

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Are you receiving ACAC Email Communications?

Constant Contact is a communication tool that we use at ACA Connects to keep our Members informed and up to date.  Lately we have noticed some Members are not getting the emails that we send via Constant Contact.  In the past we have made adjustments at our end, but heightened cyber security has caused some of our daily emails to end up in Junk or Spam incorrectly.  If this is happening to you, please try the following:

  • Open your Junk folder and find one of the emails from ACAConnects. Using the mouse, right click on it.  You will be presented with a menu.  Towards the bottom of this menu is “Junk” and then a submenu is available.  Choose either “Never Block Sender” or “Never Block Sender’s Domain.”  This is successful most of the time.  If not, contact your IT department and ask them to add the following entries to your Spam filter:

Hopefully, this will keep the flow of information moving and ensure you are receiving our ACA Connects communications!