January 18, 2024

ACA Connects and Cartesian Release Updated BEAD Framework 

Updated Data will Help States Maximize Funding and Boost Fiber Connectivity 

January 18, 2024 — ACA Connects, in partnership with Cartesian, today announced the release of “BEAD Program: A Framework to Allocate Funding for Broadband Availability – Version 4.0.” 

This newest version, using data from the latest National Broadband Map, estimates that when States and Territories begin to select broadband deployment projects, 6.4 million unserved and underserved locations will be eligible for BEAD program funding and that the program should be able to provide robust broadband service to all these eligible locations. This includes by providing service over fiber infrastructure – the BEAD program’s preferred broadband technology – to at least 71 percent of eligible locations.  

ACA Connects President and CEO Grant Spellmeyer said, “Since the BEAD program was enacted, ACA Connects has taken the lead to help State Broadband Offices and local government seize this unprecedented opportunity to deliver Internet for all. This update to our BEAD Framework will further help them maximize use of BEAD funds, target unserved and underserved locations, and boost broadband connectivity with fiber infrastructure.  We stand ready and look forward to helping States utilize this framework and connect with our Members, broadband providers who are at the forefront of closing the digital divide across the country.” 

Our BEAD Framework v.4.0 includes both a national analysis and an analysis for each State.  It uses the FCC’s mid-2023 Broadband Data Collection to estimate the number of unserved and underserved locations.  It then applies Cartesian’s proprietary and detailed model to develop fixed broadband deployment scenarios using a combination of BEAD funding and matching funds from providers. 

About ACA Connects: America’s Communications Association –America’s Communications Association – ACA Connects is a trade organization representing more than 500 smaller and medium-sized, independent companies that provide broadband, video, and phone services covering 31.9 million households, 7.3 million of which are located in rural and smaller suburban markets across America. ACA Connects Members operate in every state, providing advanced communications to connect homes, companies, main street, schools, hospitals and more. America’s economic prosperity in smaller communities and rural areas depends on the growth and success of ACA Connects Members, who believe a connected nation is a prosperous nation.