Get the Facts About Broadband Labels

Thursday, September 28
| 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

As required by Congress, the FCC adopted an Order last November that requires all broadband providers to display “labels” for their Internet service offerings. These “broadband labels” will closely resemble the nutrition label found on a box of cereal and will include “nutrition facts” such as monthly prices and actual upload and download speeds. The FCC has adopted detailed rules regarding the creation, display, and recordkeeping for these labels, which providers will likely be required to implement in 2024.

On this webinar, Brian Hurley, ACA Connects’ Chief Regulatory Counsel, will review the FCC’s rules for the broadband labels and identify aspects of the rules that may create implementation challenges for providers. He will also discuss the interplay between the broadband labels and the Affordable Connectivity Program data collection.

All company personnel that may participate in the development or implementation of broadband labels are encouraged to attend this webinar. You may submit questions in advance through the webinar’s registration portal.

The webinar recording and presentation slides will be available in the ACA Connects Member Lounge after the presentation. If you should have any questions or would like further explanation on a topic that was covered, please reach out to us and we will gladly follow up with you directly.

This webinar is for ACA Connects Members only. ACA Connects webinars are free for ACA Connects Members. If you have any questions on how to participate, please contact Tomeika Slappy, ACA Connects’ Manager of Member Services, at [email protected].

Brian Hurley – Chief Regulatory Counsel, ACA Connects
Bill Tortoriello – Director of Regulatory Affairs, ACA Connects